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Transition Cornwall Network - supporting positive, resilient and inclusive, low carbon communities in Cornwall

Welcome to the TCN website, a collaborative space for those involved in Transition and Climate Friendly Initiatives in Cornwall.

In response to the joint challenges of Climate Change and Resource Depletion, the mission of Transition Cornwall Network is to support initiatives throughout Cornwall moving towards a positive, resilient, low carbon future as a matter of urgency.

We are committed to working in a transparent, co-operative and inclusive way.

For more on the Transition movement - see www.transitionnetwork.org

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Map showing Transition and Climate Friendly Initiatives in Cornwall

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Transition Cornwall Network activities are posted on the CCCF Calendar which lists events across Cornwall that relate to Climate and Energy issues.

See here for the Cornwall Community Climate Forum Events Calendar's home page and how to add your group's events or display the calendar on your website.

Colour coding: Red - North Cornwall, Orange - East Cornwall, Green - Mid Cornwall, Blue - South West Cornwall, Grey - Cornwall wide/other.

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Transition and Climate Friendly Initiatives in Cornwall

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